More Turkey, More Gratitude

A couple of Thanksgivings ago, I blogged about meaningful expressions of gratitude. I shared that post again in 2015 and again yesterday. You can read it here.

In anticipation of the moment later today when my husband, my kids, and I share a few things for which we feel grateful, I have been thinking about what I will say when it is my turn. Here is what I’m thinking. Notice that most of my comments are unexpected, honest, and behaviorally specific.

To my son. Thank you for making me proud every day of the man you are becoming. Thank you for lingering at the dinner table to discuss politics, funny moments at school, and the Tar Heels. I truly appreciate how you say please and thanks, even when we’re texting. I love how sometimes you know just what I need, like the plentiful hugs you gave me the day after the election. I am so grateful that every Sunday morning you attend meeting for worship with me without complaint. Finally, thanks so much for helping today with the roasted green beans and peanut butter pie!

To my daughter. It is such a pleasure to watch you grow into an adult. I am beyond proud of the courageous way you are exploring new grownup territory. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our new puppy even though she is far more work than any of us anticipated. You have really stepped up and become a wonderful big sister to Josie. Thank you for texting pictures of her to me on the days that I am at work and for our goofy emoji interchanges. I am beyond grateful that you happily attend meeting for worship with me every Sunday. Last but not least, thanks a lot for helping with the mashed potatoes and peanut butter pie today and for listening to the Pentatonix Christmas CD with me while we cook!

To my husband. I realize how fortunate I am that you always make our relationship a priority even when I become too distracted to do so myself. Thank you for saying, all those years ago, that one can never spend too much on books. I am so grateful that you went with me to see Billy Collins in A Prairie Home Companion even though poetry is not your thing. Even though I don’t always show it, I am truly grateful that you lead the charge to the gym to work out on weekends. Thank you for countless games of Backgammon, even the ones you win and for good-naturedly tolerating my trash talk while we play. I love the way you can and will fix anything that isn’t working properly. I am so thankful that our children have you to show them just how good a man can be.

So, readers, these are a few of the things I am grateful for today, during this crazy time in this topsy-turvy world we are living in. And, once again, I am grateful for you all. Happy Thanksgiving!


About Dr. Sayers

I am a child psychologist and mother of two. This blog is about the lessons we, as parents, can learn about parenting from the things that child clients have told me over my 20 years in private practice. I continue to work with children and families at Southampton Psychiatric Associates ( which serves Bucks, eastern Montgomery, and northeast Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania. In addition, I train psychology graduate students and psychiatry residents at Temple University.
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