Ready or Not, Let Them Go.

I’ve been on vacation so I’m behind on writing posts. While I work on a new one, I thought this would be a good time to repost this one from last August. It is for parents of recent high school graduates heading off to college in the next few weeks.

What Kids Want Us to Know

The work of a child psychologist is seasonal. There are two types of clients who frequently show up in my office for the first time during the month of August. First, there are the children who are anxious about the start of a new school year. The calendar flips to August, and all of sudden, these kids can’t relax and they can’t sleep. They are plagued by thoughts like “What if I get a mean teacher?” and “What if I can’t learn the times tables?” and “What if I don’t have any friends in my lunch period?”. Some are repeat customers; they go through this a few weeks before the start of each new school year. For some, it’s a one-and-done experience.

The other type of client that shows up in August is the rising college freshman. About a quarter of the time, they are feeling some apprehension about the…

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About Dr. Sayers

I am a child psychologist and mother of two. This blog is about the lessons we, as parents, can learn about parenting from the things that child clients have told me over my 20 years in private practice. I continue to work with children and families at Southampton Psychiatric Associates ( which serves Bucks, eastern Montgomery, and northeast Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania. In addition, I train psychology graduate students and psychiatry residents at Temple University.
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